Dreaming of a Pool

My best cousin and I have always dreamed of having our own pools when we grow up.  Of course, those dreams included a beautiful house.  Well, I am still far away from that dream because what my husband and I have is a building type house and we don't have enough space for even a small pool.  But no, I am not complaining because we are comfortable in this house and it's very convenient living here because it's accessible.  The mall, grocery, bookstore, hospital and even the wet market are within walking distance.  Still, I dream of a quiet and beautiful home... with a pool.

My cousin, on the other hand had just made her dream come true.  She and her husband recently purchased a property in Arizona.  There was no swimming pool when they bought the house so she contacted arizona custom pools for her dream pool.  She says the heat can get too much during the summer and the pool is just perfect. 

I'm glad that my cousin is happy with her custom pool.  I may not have one right now but I know it will come someday.  Meanwhile, my family and I are enjoying visiting beaches and resorts.

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