Using Free Survey Software

A good business man knows that for a product to become a great success, conducting a market research first is the key.  It may be an added cost to your company but believe me, you'll reap the rewards in the end.

My husband had been involved in the restaurant business long enough to know that in order for their food to sell, he had to get the opinions of his valued clients.  He might have the best chefs in every branch, but if the food they serve does not suit the taste of their customers; he knows that the business will not last long.  By doing market research, he was actually shooting two birds with one stone.  Aside from knowing what they like about the food; the clients feel important that way.  It makes them feel good to know that their opinions are valued.  If he thinks it's time for one branch to change the menu, he makes sure he conducts a survey first before presenting the report to the board of directors.  That way, he already knows what would work for them.  He never assumes that he already knows what their clients would like because he knows that in the end, the restaurant will suffer and that's a very high price they have to pay.

If you think conducting surveys are just an added cost, think again.  There are free survey software available online that you can use in order for your company to save on costs.  Many businesses fail because they tend to underestimate the power of getting opinions.  They think they already know what the consumers want so they develop a product based on how they see it.  It is only when they are starting to promote it that they realize it is not actually what their customers want.  Too late when they have already spent a lot in production and promotion.

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