Is your moisturizer working?

Slathering cream or lotion on your face daily does not guarantee that it will put an end to your dry skin woes. If you are not following some important steps in keeping your skin plump and hydrated, you may just be wasting time and a lot of money.  Moisturizers are not cheap especially if you go for the branded ones.  To make sure that your moisturizer is working, follow these easy steps. 

Wash your face thoroughly. It is not enough to simply splash water on your face and body. You need to clean it with a good facial cleanser to remove makeup, debris, dirt, sweat, and dust that may have accumulated on your skin. Steer clear of bar soaps because they can be harsh on your skin.

Exfoliate regularly. Getting rid of dead skin allows your moisturizer to work more efficiently.  It is be absorbed more easily and it penetrates deeper into the skin. A once a week exfoliation is recommended to slough off dead skin cells.

Apply moisturizer while skin is still damp. After shower is the perfect time to do so because your skin already has moisture in it.  Apply it with a light massage so the oils in the moisturizer will be absorbed by the skin better.  Wait at least a minute before you put your clothes on to give the cream a chance to be absorb by the skin, or else your clothes will rub it off.

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