MIL's Garden

People are always asking my MIL where she got the terracotta tiles in her garden.  When she tells them that she bought them in Laguna and my father in law installed them, many of them couldn't believe that they were not done by professionals. 

Well, I too, can't believe my FIL did it when I first saw it.  I knew that she was having a makeover but I didn't know that the garden was part of it.  She used to have bermuda grass but it was tough to maintain.  Besides, she doesn't have a gardener to take care of the grass.  The tiles were a great idea.  It's easier to maintain and clean at the same time.  Not sure how my FIL did it but MIL says he had a paving stone installation guide.  What made it more attractive are the pebbles that they inserted on the holes.  They certainly draw attention because the white pebbles are a great contrast to the terracotta tiles.

I'm also planning to do that in my mom's garden.  Not the same design but I'm leaning more on mosaic.  I'll borrow FIL's guide and ask for dad's and hub's help to install them.  It's going to be fun doing mom's garden.

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