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Last week I was short of cash due to some unexpected expenses. So little money was left and I needed to pay for my utility bills. I was expecting money from my debit card but I had to settle the past due bills immediately so I thought of borrowing from a friend. I called and texted her but I got no response. I felt bad because she totally ignored me. I would understand if she can't lend me money, at least she should have told me. I felt so small, borrowing money from friends is not always a good idea.
I tried my luck with payday loans and prayed that I get an approval because I really needed the money. I was so surprised when they responded so quickly. I never thought that applying for a payday loan and getting an approval could be so easy.
What’s best about it is they did not even ask me to fax any documents and there was no credit checking. The fact that I have a business and a bank account were enough to get approved. The very next day, my emergency cash was immediately credited in my checking account. I was able to settle the bills and felt good that I didn't owe money from anyone.


Marie said...

I'm a Filipina working for an immigration law firm here in Glendale, CA for almost 15 years. We had a Filipino janitor/maintenance person named Jaime Santos (R.I.P.) who passed away almost 3 years ago. Every time that something reminds me of him, it never fails to bring tears in my eyes. He was single, short and skinny but very funny. He likes to smoke and drink even though he has asthma. He is also addicted to all forms of gambling. He just takes the bus going to work daily. Every morning he would pass by my office and ask if I already had b-fast. He would bring me some coffee, bagel or donut from the cafeteria or sometimes he will bring some rice, longaniza and eggs from home. Your article about "payday loan" reminds me of him because of his gambling habits he was always broke. Then he started borrowing money from a payday loan company until one day he asked me if he can borrow $20. I told him that we just got paid the day before and asked what happened to his salary. Jaime said that the payday loan company "garnished" his whole paycheck. He needs $20 for his daily commute to work until he gets his next paycheck which he doesn't even expect to happen. He blames his lifestyle and his addiction to payday loans. He makes almost $1,800.00 to $2,000.00 net a month. You will never think that this would happen to a person living in the US but it does. We have different opinions about this topic, but this is just my.02cents worth of advice, live within your means. A job and a steady income doesn't guarantee that you can survive the daily challenges in life. We have Filipina nurses/clients who makes almost $150,000 to $200,000or more a year but needs to work 2 jobs, 16 hours a day because they abused their blessings. We have a global economic crisis which might last for years. You will never know what will happen tomorrow but if you start saving even few dollars a day, it will lenghten your chance of survival until you pick yourself up again.

Darlene said...

Liza, you still owe the payday loan their money. It's sad that you know your friend totally ignored your call. Sometimes it's hard to tell a friend personally that "I can't or no I'm sorry" because he or she might think that you'll be more offended. Did you borrow money from this person before? Who knows if your friend has a financial problem too? I wish that your financial situation gets better soon.

James said...

Payday loans? I hate this place!! I wish that nobody created this idea. It's like digging a deeper hole for yourself. Don't do it not unless that youre in a life or death situation. Read the contract thoroughly, sometimes they'll charge you from 5 to 20% of what youre borrowing. Do you have another income? This is one of the reasons why I have bad credit. One day I just got tired of paying their high interests and just closed my checking account, withdrawn the money that I got left. The problem now is I can't open another checking account from any bank. Sucks!

Susan Critelli said...

Not only do you still owe the money, you owe a ridiculous amount of interest that may even be more than you actually owe in all. And you have to keep paying the interest until you can pay the principal. It's an only slightly more respectable version of a loan shark, and they are looking to bite and devour you. PLEASE be careful. Try to get the money to pay this as soon as possible or your balance due will grow and grow out of control! I am praying for you!!

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