Breast Cancer: Facts and Fiction

I should have posted this one last October during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month but there were so many things in my mind that I have totally forgotten about it. Anyway, it's better late than never.

Here are some facts and fiction about the dreaded disease that we all should know about...

FICTION - all breast lumps are cancerous.
FACT - 80% of lumps are caused by benign or non-cancerous changes in the breast. According to experts, this percentage tends to fluctuate with age. For young women, more than 80% of breast lumps are benign as a woman ages, her risk of developing breast cancer increases.

FICTION - Breast cancer is mainly a genetic disease.
FACT - Only a small percentage of breast cancer cases are thought to be due to abnormal genes. A mutated breast cancer gene is only one of the risk factors for developing breast cancer. 80% of women who get breast cancer have no clear risk factors.

FICTION - Small breasted women cannot get breast cancer.
FACT - the amount of breast tissue a woman has does not affect her risk of developing breast cancer. Breast size is certainly not a significant risk factor for breast cancer.

FICTION - Underwire bras cause breast cancer.
FACT - There has been reports that underwire bras can constrict the body's lymph node system, causing breast cancer. But this link is completely inaccurate. There are other factors like genetic and environmental that contribute to breast cancer.

So, there you have it. Don't just believe what you hear. It's better to have regular check-ups and mammograms at least once a year.


shydub said...

thanks for this information, this post would help to a lot of women out there to be aware of breast cancer.

Joanna said...

Very helpful! My OB/GYN's office has a new machine that suctions and checks any fluids for cancer - it can detect ductal cancer up to 8 years earlier than lumps are found!

Laane said...

Great post.

Please add an item about men's breastcancer.

Yesterday I had a discussion of one who said it was impossible.

How stupid!!


Relimom said...

Thanks for that concise summary! It's good to read all those well known tales and then read the real truth!

abelle | Only in Silence said...

Happy Holidays, Liza! ;o)

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