Better Be Prepared

Spending long hours at the store gives me a lot of time to talk to my customers. Since the news about the Lehman Brothers, many are complaining about how tight their budgets have become. I, for one, find it difficult to keep on top of my finances these days. News about big companies that are either closing down or laying off some of their workers, are quite alarming. The most practical thing to do right now is to save and avoid spending on things that we don’t really need because we don’t know how long this global crisis would last. Some say it would only take a year but others say it would take about five years.

I'm just worried that my savings won't be enough in case an emergency happens because unexpected expenses keep on coming. It's good that payday loans are available online, at least I have a fall back in case I need to have fast cash. I have a steady income and an active bank account and I know I can easily qualify for a loan. I'm just preparing for the worst and it's better to have more options than none.

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