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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mystery of Metabolism

"Why can some people stay thin even though they indulge in french fries and pie, while others gain weight eating far less? Blame it on their genes. A hormonal or metabolic defect makes some folks ultrasensitive to carbohydrates and insulin and much more susceptible to weight gain. That's one reason doctors have long noticed that being fat- or lean-runs in families. But only by eating carbs will susceptible people trigger the "fatness" gene."

This is so true because I limit myself to half a cup of rice each meal. A little more than that would mean EXTRA POUNDS. My sister, on the other hand, can finish 2 cups in one sitting and yet, she is so slim. She can gobble up anything she likes and still maintain her weight. Life could be unfair sometimes you know. :(

It's probably because of the genes I got from my mom, they are more on the heavy side, while she got hers from my dad. How I wish it was the other way around.

source: Home Journal


Ria said...

life's unfair! hahaha!

mommy liz, i have something for you:

Charm said...

happy weekend mommy liz!

i have an award for you...

Nita said...

Same thing happened to me. Been petite my whole life. I had two kids but I still weigh 97 lbs. I can't gain weight because I had a fast metabolism...darn! LOL...

nyumix said...

I think I have same metabolism like you, sis. Easy to gain weight!

Cascia said...

I knew that obesity is genetic but I did not realize that the amount of carbs you took in also played a part. Thank you for sharing!

Shinade said...

I refuse to even read this one. My husband can eat, eat, eat, and eat. And it doesn't matter how fat laden it is or anything. He always stays slim.

I just look at something and gain weight. It drives me bonkers.

I had my thyroid checked and I am only 1 point away from being considered as having problems.

And that 1 point keeps the DR.'s from giving me medication to help me.

One that's just not right!:-)

Heather said...

Yup, and it seems even more bitter when this conundrum happens between siblings.

Kloggers/Polly said...

I once worked with someone who never put on any weight no matter how much they ate. For a while I couldn't understand why - but then I realised that all through the day this person never once sat still. They shuffled on their chair, tapped their feet got up and sat down then up again to go to the photocopier, ran up and down the stairs, even when they were speaking on the phone they were fiddling with something ... in other words they were constantly burning calories. Another thing that I noticed, whereas when I had a piece of cake or a biscuit, etc I ate it all in one sitting - but they would nibble at theirs - eating a small mouthful and waiting five or ten minutes before eating another ... I'm not sure but I think this must have something to do with it. Needless to say ... I still can't start eating something then waiting five or ten minutes before eating a little more - I just don't enjoy my food that way ... suppose I'll always be hoping not to gain the extra pounds and when I do taking forever to lose them. :(

ellen said...

Sounds corny, but all I ever wanted is to be a sexy mom...with the birth of my three kids, I became increasingly big far beyond from my normal weight..

Happy weekend my dear Liza...God bless!!!!

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