The Master of Cleanliness

I know a lot of people who are obsessive compulsive, some of them have a mild case of 'oc-ness' and some are severe that you'd think they are over-acting. My husband is obssessive-compulsive. He won't allow you to sit on the bed if you just got home and still have not changed to your house dress. He always carries a bottle of alcohol or hand sanitizer. He doesn't like the maid preparing his food, paranoid that her hands are not clean.

We call him the master of cleanliness. He likes everything in order and he's very meticulous with his clothes. His car is always kept clean inside and out. One time he came home and the house was an absolute disaster. The kids and I had a pillow fight. It looks like a storm had hit. He didn't get angry but he tried to pick up everything and started cleaning.

He likes to clean a lot but he doesn't like touching the garbage bins. I had to buy several brabantia bins for the kitchen and bathrooms so he and the kids won't have to touch it when they throw something. Actually, it was his idea to get the ones with sensor. He just have to wave his hand above the special sensor and the lid pops open. They are a bit pricey but they're more hygeinic.

So, you see that's how OC he is and my son is taking up on him. But I believe each one of us has this certain obsessive-compulsive behavior and I have read that display of such traits doesn't mean you have OCD.


Jonathan Patience said...

Try serving in Iraq. After doing 2 tours and not having the comforts from home like a real bed, daily hot meals, shower, sleep normally etc. Having germs all around me, being clean is the least that I would worry about. Who doesn't want to be clean. Sometimes we don't take showers for days! I'm still alive and bacteria didn't killed me. Tell your husband how lucky he is. - Pfc. Jon Patience of Oxnard CA.

Juliana said...

hahaha, is your hubby my male counter part? I thought I was reading an article about me except the fact that I don't carry alcohol and hand sanitizer, wet ones lang husband sometimes feel he is walking on eggshells on his own house kasi dami bawal lalo na pag kakadating lang from the outside.

kidding aside though, pwede mamana, kasi me and my siblings are all the same way, namana sa Mom namin.

Ronald Porta said...

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lemuel said...

hi, i knew a lot of people who are OC in cleanliness but i guess your husband is really unique, i cant imagine buying a garbage bin equipped with a sensor. nevertheless it is really good to be extra careful nowadays to prevent being sick. thanks

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