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Thursday, December 18, 2008

DIY Mask

Pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger and brown sugar. That's all you need to bring back that glow from your dull skin. I have not tried it yet but I've read that this mask is used by spa experts and is proven effective to bring back the glow, so why spend so much on spas when you can do it at home?

The winning combination of pumpkin and brown sugar's large granules slough off dead skin cells and reveal fresh skin underneath. The ginger will help reduce redness because of its anti-inflammatory compounds, while the natural warming properties of cinnamon open pores so the other ingredients can penetrate skin more easily.

Here's the recipe for the mask:

Mix 1/2 cup of canned pumpkin, 1/4 cup of sliced ginger, 1 tsp of cinnamon and 1/4 cup of brown sugar. Apply to face and leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water.


Joanna said...

I have never heard of that particular mix before, but it sounds like it would smell absolutely divine! I'd be very interested to know if/when you do try it how yummy it is!

GAGAY said...

good day! dropping EC here..hope to see u at mine!take care!

Mariuca said...

Thanks Liza! It's been ages since I gave myself a nice facial/mask at home! :):):)

webbiegurl said...

yay! the more i imagine, the more i think i cannot take these ingredients... i cannot imagine how they'd smell...

Maya said...

i need to bring some glow in my skin.I might try this one.
Happy weekend.

Raft3r said...

i don't like anything with cinnamon


Okay, another one that I will give a try. I am trying to htink of where to get sliced cinnamon.

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