Fashionable Scrubs

Hospital gowns and uniforms are drab and very ordinary. Instead of the patient feeling better, the feel of hospital gown's texture makes the patient feel more sick, more so when they see those boring uniforms hospital staff are wearing. If you had a choice of what uniforms to wear, wouldn't that make your patients feel better seeing fashionable hospital uniforms? Gowns and uniforms should not look ordinary, but should be fashionable as well.

A lot of your patients would feel more at ease and will have a fast recovery when nurses and hospital staff are wearing fashionable koi uniforms. Scrubs and Beyond have released their latest designs where patients, nurses and hospital staff can wear "not-so hospital look" uniforms. These koi scrub pants and koi scrubs are so fashionable that they don't even look like uniforms at all. The patients wouldn't even think they are in a hospital.

Scrubs and Beyond also offer maternity scrubs and gowns for nursing moms. They will find these gowns very useful and comfortable and still keep their dignity and respect intact as they don't need to disrobe when they go visit the ob-gyne for any chest or breast or upper body examination.

There are so many designs and colors to choose from. Scrubs and Beyond have front access panel/top for nursing moms, back opening top so you don't need to remove shirt/blouse to access back, roll-up sleeves to make chemotherapy, dialysis, etc. treatments easier and less disruptive, interior pockets/tops to discreetly place drainage bags, monitors, or pumps, and fashionable uniforms for nurses and staff.


Cascia said...

Sounds like a great website! Too bad I don't wear scrubs.

Have a wonderful weekend!

alia52nalie said...

Gone are the days when hospital uniforms were ordinary looking. The companies nowadays make designer scrubs in prints and in different colors. I also bought black scrub pants along with patterned shirt from

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