They Love Fishing!

Summer means swimming, the beach and of course... fishing! My family loves to go fishing , so whenever we go to the beach, they expect to go fishing. The kids would ask their dad to hire a small boat and they don't mind waking up real early to catch fish. But it's not like when you hire a bigger boat at Charter Fishing Destin. Ours is just a small wooden boat that would carry around ten to twelve people. We'd spend the whole morning fishing for small red snappers and sometimes, groupers. We don't mind if we get the small ones, what really excites the kids is when their fishing rods wiggle, they know they got something!

The best fishing experience they had was when we went to Boracay a few summers ago. We went to as far as 60 feet and the fishes we caught were bigger. After a couple of hours we had 3 buckets full of red snappers and groupers. When we went back to the resort, we went straight to the kitchen and asked if they can cook them for us. No we didn't cook all of them, the rest were given to local residents. For the first time, my kids enjoyed eating fish!

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Max Coutinho said...

Hey Liza,

Happy vacations :D!

I loved this post (I missed reading this kind of posts authored by you) :D! The fishing trip must have been really exciting for the kids...and on top of it they ate fish! Now that must have made YOU happy LOL ;).

Enjoy your holidays, darling!

Big hug

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