New Condo

My sister had just bought a new condo. The developer left it up to the owner to design the unit. Because it was bare, it did not cost much. My sister had already finished the living room and the two bedrooms. She converted the extra room into a study where she can work. The bathroom was the only room that was complete. She had always wanted modern furniture. Minimalist in away but very functional. The living room, the bedroom and her study all had televisions. Her dining room is very modest but with a modern fining set. A couch in her study can be converted to a small bed.

The kitchen is a very different story. My husband helped her install ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. With a very limited space, these were just perfect for her kitchen. They were easy to assmble and can accommodate all of her kitchen stuff. Everything was very accessible. She doesn't need a big refrigerator or a big stove. A medium sized ref would suffice. She's single and will not be cooking too much. The kitchen only took a couple of days to finish.

A small laundry area is situated just outside the kitchen. It has enough space for a drying area. She could even put some storage cabinets there. This is the very first home she bought with her own money. She wanted it to be perfect. We're all pitching in to help her make it the way she envisioned it. We're all happy for her.

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