All my friends love reading books. Nothing specific as all are wide readers. This why we decided to put up our very own book club. We have monthly meetings wherein we discuss and review the books we've read in the previous month.Our club has grown. We've accepted people from outside our group. We exchange books and I've put up a small library in my house for the club's books. Any member can come in and borrow the books there.

We've also had club shirts and pins made. We wear these when we attend book launches, signings and expos. Aside from us sharing books, we've also donated books to our local library so that our community will have more books to read. People still do their research in our library despite the massive information students can get from the internet. And we all thought that printed books are considered obsolete with the introduction of e-books. From time to time, we are asked to read books to students in our community school. We enjoy these events. It's feels great to spread the beauty of reading.

Members of our club also have benefits and perks. We give intelligent gifts to all birthday celebrators. They also get a cake from the club. We hold a small tea party for them. It has been almost five years since we started this club. From a core group of eight, we've grown to forty members. We do have male members too. I hope our club grows even bigger. This way we'll know that reading will continue to flourish.

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