Lots of Bags

It's not very often that I buy handbags.  It's not that I don't like them; I actually love handbags, but very often, my handbags are given to me as gifts.  Every time a relative would come home from the US, I get a handbag.  My aunt who comes home every year always brings me a handbag.  It's like having a lifetime supply of different signature handbags.  Oh no, I'm not complaining, I really love their gifts.

However, when I really do like something, I buy.  I'm a wise shopper though.  Why would I buy an expensive bag when I have a regular supply of it from my aunt?   I usually buy my handbags  when they are on sale.  Like last time I was surfing the web I chanced upon a Matt and Nat Sale and I bought the Matt and Nat Cambria in black.  It was offered at 30 percent off.  I didn't want to buy it at first but when hubs said why not if I really like it, I grabbed the chance.  They also have it in brown but I preferred the black one.

Every two years I purge too.  I donate some of my bags to our local charity.  All these bags will pile up if I didn't do that.  I leave the ones I really like like the black Cambria.  This and my other favorites are the ones I rotate.  Another one of my favorites in the Nine West red bag that my brother sent me for my birthday last year.  Pretty soon it's Christmas, I'm sure I'm going to add something to my collection again.

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reyapot said...

i love bags sis.. and like you, most of my bags are from my cousin sa US :)

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