Auntie Elisa's Gifts

I am helping out a cousin choose a gift for his mom, my favorite auntie.  Will lives in CT while the rest of his family lives here in the Philippines.  It's Auntie Elisa's birthday next week and he thought of sending her flowers.  She goes crazy with flowers that's why whenever there is an occasion, she gets lots of it.

Aside from sending her a bunch of roses, I suggested that he also sends her a gift basket.  I saw several cute birthday gift baskets from the website where I will be ordering the flowers.  That will definitely make Auntie Elisa's day.

I thought these unique gift baskets are expensive.  My cousin and I were surprised when we saw the prices.  They also offered a lot of gift basket ideas that we had a tough time choosing what to give her.  We later on decided on the sweet treats.  Although she can make the best chocolate chip cookies and oatmeal cookies, she still goes crazy over these goodies.

I specifically instructed that the flowers and gift basket be delivered during Auntie Elisa's birthday dinner.  All of us will be there and I would love to see and capture her reaction once she gets her gifts.  Then I will be sending the photos to Will.

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nancy said...

Great idea! Your auntie Elisa will sure be surprised. :)

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