The New Bath Vanity

My daughter and her family moved in with us last Saturday.  Rob, her husband is due to leave next month so we'll be taking care of her and the twins while he is away.  I was too excited that they were moving in right away that I had forgotten to shop for bath vanities.  We had to take out the sink last time when we were fixing the guest room for them because it was broken.  Hubs and I went shopping for bath vanities yesterday.

Their bathroom is not so big so we chose a corner bathroom sink. Hubs wanted to utilize the corner so they will have a bigger space to move around the bathroom especially that they have kids.  He thought of the corner sinks he saw on the internet but we had no idea if we could easily find a corner sink here.  When we arrived at the home depot, we were the ones who were surprised because there were so many corner sinks to choose from.

Hubs chose a pedestal sink. It is not as functional as the one with full cabinet with drawers and doors where you can keep towels and toiletries. He finished installing it this morning and it added a widening visual effect to the their bathroom. It's pretty and it matched the theme of the bathroom.

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