Water Hazard

My cousin moved to an old house in Boston. He recently found work there. Starting from scratch, he had to make do with his little savings. The old house he moved into is quite inexpensive and is located very near his work. The house was modestly furnished. It only had two rooms. He's single and the place was just perfect for him. Both rooms were in the second floor. The bathroom was sandwiched by the two rooms. He complained hearing weird noises and thought the house was haunted. It would take less than two weeks before he discovered the origin of the noises.

The old house had old plumbing. The years had taken its toll on the pipes. While taking a shower one morning, a pipe burst. Water was spewing everywhere. The mishap drenched the entire living room. It also ruined the ceiling. The living room's new carpet got wet and rust, debris and all sorts or dirt all covered the carpet. In less than a two weeks, his new home had become a water hazard. He had to quickly have the carpet cleaned as well as replace the pipes and repair the ceiling. The place was a complete mess. He called in Carpet Cleaning Boston to have the carpet professionally cleaned. He hired a certified plumber and a carpenter to fix the ceiling.

Everything was well after the incident. No more weird noises or leaking pipes. He realized that he should have checked out the place more thoroughly before he sealed the deal. At least now the house is fine. He even had the wiring changed. Water damage can easily be dealt with. A fire on the other hand is more devastating.

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