Welcome Home

My daughter will be moving with us together with kids. Her husband is working abroad. We're preparing a room for her and a nursery for her twins. We've already bought playpens  for her kids and their room is filled with toys and children's books. A door separates my daughter's room from the nursery. We've bought a new bed for her and I've also bought several zippered mattress covers for her new mattress. She has her own bathroom and walk-in closet. We've already repainted both rooms and we've installed new air conditioning units. The rooms will be finished in a few days and we're too excited that my daughter and grandchildren will be arriving in a couple of weeks.

Aside from preparing the rooms they'll be staying in, we're also hosting a welcome home party. I'll be inviting our friends and relatives as well as my daughter's closest friends. I'm very sure they'll be happy to see her and her beautiful twins. Everyone is excited and her friends are helping setup the homecoming party. They took care of the food and have hired a good caterer to provide the food and drinks for the affair. Our relatives have pitched in in preparing the house. My sister bought the playpens and bedding. My sister-in-law bought baby clothes. Everyone is giving different gifts for the twins. We all would like them to feel the warmth of everyone who loves them.

My husband and I cannot wait for their arrival. We would love to have them live with us. Now we won't have to wait for holidays or special events just to spend time with them. Her husband had suggested they move in with us while he is away. He would feel more secure if they stay with us. It's nice to see them finally home.

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