'Tis The Season

I'm now preparing all my cards and invitations for the Christmas season. I'll be sending out Personalized Holiday Cards instead of buying them off the rack. I have some paintings of winter scenery which I intend to use on my Personalized Greeting Cards to my friends and loved ones. I want the recipient to feel special. I want them to know that I went out of my way to give them something for Christmas. I also enclose a little something for my nephews and nieces. At least they'll have something to put into their piggy banks and bank accounts. The rest get gift certificates and vouchers.

I also host a Christmas party and reunion on Christmas day. It has a different theme every year. This year it would be a modern theme. To let everyone know this year's theme, I'm sending out Modern Invitations. My house's decorations will also be modern including the Christmas tree. My son has a few ideas to make this year's party more fun. Our guests will surely enjoy the games we have in store for them. I have also bought items for prizes for the games and our annual raffle. Everyone will really have a blast as I'm going all out. 

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