Class Act

A classy tuxedo or suit will never be complete without cufflinks. Some men would do away with cufflinks but not my husband. He literally has dozens of cufflinks for every occasion. He's used to social gatherings where the who's who is present. Being in the advertising industry allows him to rub shoulders with celebrities and VIPs. His suits are all tailor made by his favorite haberdashery. His ties are also some of the best around. He doesn't take shortcuts when he dresses up. Everything has to perfectly fit. He never mixes any of his suits. Each and every suit is an ensemble, from the shirt to the shoes. Even his shoes are made to order.

He considers these are investments. What you wear can leave lasting impressions. This one way of telling potential clients that they'll be dealing with a successful company. No wonder he has been getting big projects and even edging out the big names. The young upstarts could pick up a thing or two from him. He expects his staff to carry themselves as well as he does. He wants them to look impeccable when tey go on meetings and presentations. I guess his father's traits has rubbed off on him. His Dad is quite a dresser too. Being a successful banker, his father always dresses up. He too is a class act. 

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