My Cousin's Unforgettable Wedding

It is the happiest time when you've finally met your soul mate and then you have decide to pop up the big question.  It is very exciting not only to you but to those who know that you are about to propose to the girl of your dreams.  That's what happened to my cousin when he asked for our help when he decided he wants to marry her girlfriend.  Everyone of us were excited to help him. 

My sister and I volunteered to help him find the perfect rings.  We've checked a lot of modern bridal sets before he finally settled for the 1 1/2 carat diamond wedding set.  It was made up of two rings: a 1 carat round cut engagement ring and a 1/4 carat wedding band in 14K white gold.  The price didn't matter to him because he wants their wedding to be sealed with the perfect ring.  Besides, they will wear their wedding bands all their lives so why would he choose a bad ring?

Helene was a very happy bride during their wedding, my cousin made sure of that.  With the joined efforts of her friends and families and ours, the couple was able to have a beautiful but simple wedding.  Her gown was very elegant and their rings, of course were stunning.  Everything was perfect on that day; the church, the venue, the food, the flowers, and even the weather.  They had a garden wedding and we were worried about the rain that day but it didn't pour. 

Helene and my cousin had the most memorable wedding in our family.  I have another cousin who's planning to get married next year; I'm sure the whole family will join forces again to have another beautiful and memorable wedding.

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