Just The Way You Want It

It's always refreshing to see buildings that have its own identity. More often than not, I've always been an admirer of architecture and believes that it is a form of self expression. The design should be more personal than commercial. A house must reflect the owner's personality. This the reason why architects and interior designers consult with their clients. After all, they will be the ones occupying a building or home. There is a difference between an architect and a real architect.

When we had our house designed, the architect took into consideration my inputs. From these inputs, he and his associates gave several designs that closely if not exactly envisioned what I wanted. They also gave suggestions on how to better improve what I had in mind. Most architects would simply give you their own design and you end up with something you really do not like. I would rather hire someone who will listen than someone who will impose what they want. This is why I am very particular when choosing someone who will design a house that I would live in.

I am very particular with interiors too. It should reflect my personality. There is a tendency for interior designers to overdo the interiors. I prefer simplicity and functionality. You will be surprised at how you end up with something so beautiful. The Brownstone Interiors NY is one such firm that treat their clients personally. Every design they come up with exudes beauty and the owner's personality. This is how architecture and interior design should be. The design should not only stand out but represent both designers' and owner's style and personality. The next time you have your house, building or interiors done, choose someone who will not treat you as an ordinary client but as part of their team.

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