Tagged! Baby Talk

*Thanks for the tag Florence.... and now...for my answers....

1. Are there any babies in your family or circle of friends?

- no more babies.... a puppy yes!

2. Are you one of those people who use a high-pitched, sing-song voice when talking to babies and small children?

- as guilty as Florence! lol

3. If you were standing in line right next to a *very* pregnant stranger at the bank or grocery store, what would you say to her?

- I’ll ask 'Is it a boy or a girl?' and 'When is the baby due?'

4. Similarly, what do you say or do near babies in public?

-Same thing with Jen and Florence, when they’re cute, I tell the parents. When they’re not, deadma. Laughs.

5. When walking through a department store, are you the sort of person who can go by the baby clothes without even a glance or do you have to stop to ooh and ahh?

- My kids are babies no more but I'd still stop and browse through those baby clothes....wala lang, feel ko lang talaga.

Now I'm tagging Ann.

1 comment:

ann said...

Kaya pala baby talk title nyan eh puro babies ang topic.

Thanks for the tag, hanapin ko pa iba kong tag at sabay-sabay ko yan sagutin.

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