Behind the Decision - A Meme

Sasha tagged me on this. It's about why I decided to monetize my blog.

Several months ago, my daughter have been encouraging me to blog. I always answer her with a nod or sometimes "Ok, but what for?" Five months later, I never imagined that I will really be blogging. I've heard from a lot of people that they have been earning from their blogs. That gave me a very good idea and thought... Why not give it a try?

With the hard time that my country is going through right now, things are getting really tough. Prices have all gone up. I had to think of ways to eke the growing needs of my family. And then I thought of blogging. I decided to give it a try and earn from it. I am not ashamed to admit that it was my main objective for blogging.

Little did I know that I will enjoy it as much. Having fun writing, meeting new friends, replying to interesting memes, receiving special awards from very nice people whom I've just met and earning from it,too.

I am very new to this and my blog is only a month and a half old. I have not made much from it yet, however, with the very little "$" that I've earned... it makes me proud, and of course, happy. And yes Sasha, who wouldn't want to earn green bucks?


“BEHIND THE DECISION” originator: Thesserie


  • Please share the reason/s why you decided to do ads/paid posts. State how your earning is helping you in any way.
  • Pass it to 2 bloggers/publishers only.
  • After my name, list ALL your monetized blogs. If you have more than one blog, add the next blogs by using numbers only (such as 1, 2, 3, see my example) instead of long links.
  • Use the button but please no direct linking.
  • I would really appreciate it if you could drop me a line should you decide to entertain this tag. I would like to pay you a visit and add you on my list.

*I will be updating this with the links of those who have participated in this meme already

And now I'm tagging Rems, Xixi, and Diane.


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Thess said...

Hi Liza! How are you? :)

Thanks for doing the meme and yes, we like earning by doing the thing we love most..what can beat that?! *wink*

again, thanks Liza, I hope you're enjoying the rest of your weekend.

btw, please do not forget to add your blog's URL after Sasha's.

sasha said...

Hi tita! Thanks for doing the tag! I thought si tatay ang nag-convince sa inyo heheheh

Happy Sunday!

Max said...

Hey Liza,

I know that you have been attacked by the tag/meme meteor however I found this one really incredible and feminine! With this being said, you have been tagged:

Participate only if you want to :)!


Xixi said...

Hey Liza! I will definitely do this tag thank you.

I will come back when I am done :)

Happy weekend to you!

ghee said...

one month and a half palang pala ang blog mo?wow!and you started earning agad?thats great! :)

good luck and have a nice week ahead :)


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