Meme - What's in your bag?

Now, this is really an interesting tag from Max. I'm about to share to you the contents of my bag.

I'm not really fancy about my bags. I am very lazy when it comes to changing bags. I don't like transferring my stuff and then forget some things from the other bag.

I normally carry a big one because whenever we got out, the kids always ask me to keep their things inside my bag.

This bag is a gift from my sister when she went home for a three-week vacation last July.

These are what's inside my bag. The taller bottle is my favorite cologne (Angel's Breath) and the pink one is my hand sanitizer. Standing beside the cologne is my gel pen. I've always fancied gel pens :) .

Inside the small plastic pouch is my head set and at the back is obviously, my wallet. Next to it are my eyeglasses.

I always make sure my cellphone charger is inside my bag. Beside it is my coin purse and my hairbrush.

The rosary is a gift from a very dear friend, Lyn. It's made from rose petals, and loved the rosy smell of my bag every time I open it.

Beside the rosary are some candies, and next to those are my two cellphones. The black and silver one is my main cellphone and is used for business transactions, etc. The other one is for friends and family.

The end

I'm tagging Cel, Emmyrose, Florence, Melai and Sasha.


Max said...

Hey Liza,

Thanks for having participated *bowing*!
Wow...what a big bag!!! But I know that moms need big bags...I, too, used to ask my mom to keep stuff of mine in her bag lol lol.

Two cell-phones: I only have one and it gives me a lot of work already (sometimes I find myself talking on the phone and having to answer the cell-phone, and having two parallel conversations...crazy!!!).

Rosary: that is cute :)! It was a nice gift!!!

Gel pencil: I hear you lol...

I liked your meme: pretty cool!!!!


manilenya said...

hehehe panu bayan, since weekender ako e isang backpack ang bag ko... nakakahiyang ipakita ang loob kasi madalas kung hindi damit na marumi e damit na bagong laba ang laman, saka laptop, kamera (hindi mawawala yan) at mga kable :)..siguro next week ko na to gawin ate Liza kasi hehehe for the first time iniwan ko ang kamera ko pala :) di ko makukuhanan..sabagay pwede na tong camera ng laptop ko :)

salamat ulit sa tag :)

ann said...

Where's the make-up kit? Walang kikay kit ang bag mo? Kahit lipstick man lang.

Emmyrose said...

Hi Liza,

thanks sa tag, I love this one medyo madedelay lng ang posting ko ha busy kase :)

sasha said...

Ay thanks for the tag tita! Naku humahaba na listahan ng utang kong tags... tamang-tama I need interim posts pa naman kaya magagawa ko na sya later :)

Have a great, albeit rainy, Thursday po! :)

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