My 'me-day'

Yesterday I had a really great day. It was a 'me-day' as JennyR fondly calls it. In the afternoon I had a haircut, ala Gretchen Barreto, lol. I am lucky to have a neighbor who happens to work at David's. He charged me 50 pesos (that's a little over a dollar) for the haircut... and it was home service! I gave him a generous tip, of course ;) In the evening I had a very relaxing body massage. It was sooo good that I almost fell asleep.

It's nice to have a 'me-day' once in a while... a time to have yourself pampered and a little rest from all the stressful activities.


Choc Mint Girl @ Crystal said...

Hi, Liza! I have 2 awards for you...


Mariuca said...

Hi there! I’ve joined the Linky Love train and u are on the list. Pls add me to ur list too, here is my url, thanks and have a great day!

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