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Know your loved ones will be taken care of, life insurance can play a very important role in your family, especially if you have many dependents. eQuote offers a no medical exam life insurance in three easy steps.
  1. Fill out the online form.
  2. Review your instant quotes.
  3. Choose the best quote for you and apply online.
No medical life insurance is for people with less than perfect health, all you have to do is answer some basic questions and know in an instant if you've been approved. You may also choose to apply for a no medical term life insurance which is the most popular type of life insurance nowadays. With a term life policy, you choose your coverage for a guaranteed number of years: 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years.

Don't waste your precious time, check their web site and protect your loved ones with eQuotes.


Gellianne said...

Hi, Liza!Very busy, huh!But you are right, all shld have a life insurance that has no med exams needed.

Life Insurance Canada said...

Well, I think taking a medical examination in concurrence with your life insurance application is an inconvenience worth enduring.
I have found that when your family needs the money most the insurance company is otherwise occupied finding out if you were as healthy as indicated on your initial application.
It's the difference between adequately protecting your family and thouroughly protecting them.

Angela said...

I'm not a fan of no-exam policies, only if it is 100% necessary. While they are less of a burden, they cost a lot more! Unless you need life insurance asap for some reason or have a serious medical issue, opt for a normal term life insurance option. They are much more affordable and will offer more bang for the buck in the long run.

Ashley said...

I totally agree with you. Having an insurance plan do really play a very important role in a family. This could secure each others future. Thank you so much for sharing us this post!


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Cheap Winston said...

Health insurance is very important. Interesting post. Thanks

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