Move Over Jackie!

Do you have the desire to make sure you can defend yourself when placed in life or death situation? The chance of getting attacked on the street is fairly high and it is something you can never predict.

Learning the basics of martial arts can help save your life and your wallet. You'll never know when a bunch of drunken teenagers or gang attacks will punch and kick you into a coma. Captain Chris' Close Combat web site discusses the truth about martial arts and features videos on the basics of Close Combat Training. Take advantage of the free 30-day test drive and learn the basics or advanced techniques including mental techniques. The steps are easy to follow and with constant practice, you can easily defend yourself and your loved ones like an experienced fighter.

Be safe. Know how to defend yourself properly. Check out the World Leader In Self Defense now for more information.


Rickavieves said...

nice bground here :-) love it! :-)

Jessica said...

Great photo this week!!!

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