Addiction, is it a disease?

In a world where drugs can be easily bought without prescription and alcohol can be bought at groceries, it is not a wonder to see that a huge number of people are addicted to drugs and alcoholic beverages. Addiction is described as attachment, dedication, inclination and devotion. It is a recurring compulsion by an individual to engage in some specific activity, despite of its harmful effects in one's health, mental state and social life. We are aware of the dangers associated with addiction, yet, the number of addicts is steadily growing. For the younger generations, it usually starts out as casual experimentation, influence of friends or sometimes, due to family problems. For the older ones, addiction may be caused by financial or family problems. They rely on drugs or alcohol because it changes the way they feel; they feel better, relaxed, powerful and lets them escape reality.

How do you help a person who has an addiction? Addiction is not a disease and it is treatable. The first thing that we could think of when we know of one is to immediately have him or her admitted to a drug rehab or alcohol rehab centers. There are thousands of alcohol and drug rehabilitation organizations and knowing which one to send your loved ones could be confusing. will find the correct solution for your specific addiction problems. Their alcohol and drug treatment programs are very specific to the individuals involved. Their ultimate goal is to enable your loved ones to achieve long lasting abstinence and help them change their behaviors to adopt a more healthful lifestyle. The treatments help patients engage in the process, modify their behaviors and attitudes. The web site is a free, non-profit portal and offers services designed to help and find the best solution for your problems. Their drug rehab and alcohol rehab are staffed with expert counselors. Being an addict doesn't mean they have to be treated without respect and dignity. Have your loved ones treated with utmost care, call now and talk to the most experienced drug and alcohol counselors.


Queeny said...

I've been trying to help someone close to me realize that he has a drinking problem, but he refuses to admit it. How can you help someone who doesn't want to be helped.

Sandy Carlson said...

Interesting post. Queeny left an interesting comment, too. Maybe it's not possible beyond not buying into being part of the problem? Don't buy the booze, don't join in, don't make excuses for it...I don't know. Tough one!

Francy said...

If you or someone you know have a drug problem treatment is the best thing for you or them. A drug addiction can bring about all kinds of problems like loss of physical and mental health, loss of friends and family and in many cases incarceration.

If you plan to go to a drug rehab for your drug addiction you want to go where you can get the best treatment possible.

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