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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday Toot

This is my first time to join Tuesday Toot. This week, not much have been done. For 3 days I was under the weather, but I'm ok now ;) and I am proud to let you know that my new blog Mommy's Little Corner is now running. I recently purchased a domain from Google and had difficulties with the transition since I am not a tech savvy. The funny part is when I was done, I realized you don't really have to be one to do it, hehe.

If you want to hear other mommy accomplishments this week, click here.


Jeanne said...

i can't open your new blog... happy tuesday

Liza said...

Thanks for telling me Jeanne. I typed the wrong url. I've changed it.

Stephanie said...

Hello Liza I have a tag for you here. Hope you can do it but if you're not into tags then that's alright. I just thought of tagging recent visitors to my blog. :) said...

Awesome, good luck with the blog! Thanks for sharing and visiting.

MommyCommunity said...

I'm glad you are feeling better - BTW, great job on the new blog - congrats and Toot! Toot!

Queeny said...

Hope you're back to normal now. I'll have to check out Tuesday Toot. The title's a hoot.

SexyMom said...

Hi Liza, I add ko ang new blog mo.

Btw, jo-join din ako sa Tuesday Toot meme, thank you for this information ha.

Sandy Carlson said...

Good luck with your tech adventure!

Sunshine4Life said...

great accomplishment, Liz!

happy V day!

Astromama said...

Great new site you have Liz,
I Have a lot to learn from you in increasing my sit rankings :)

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