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Monday, February 4, 2008

When You Have Stretch Marks

Do you have these? These are called stretch marks. Stretch marks are the result of the rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid growth or weight gain and pregnancy. Our skin is fairly elastic but rapid stretching of the skin will leave permanent stretch marks. Losing and gaining weight fast and pregnancy are the main reasons why we have stretch marks. Taking 1000 mg of Vitamin C and 400IUs of Vitamin E everyday are necessary to keep our skin healthy. Both vitamins can help repair and prevent stretch marks. Massaging the skin with stretch mark cream or lotion containing squalene oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D3, aloe vera and grapefruit seed extracts will help maintain moisture in our skin. Revitol Stretch Mark Cream is the answer to all your stretch mark problems. It is a new cream formulated to be used as preventive treatment for stretch marks during or after pregnancy. What's good about Revitol is that it increases the elasticity of your skin, it helps increase the production of collagen, it effectively prevents the development of stretch marks, it decreases the appearance of existing stretch marks, it protects and regenerates skin, it keeps skin healthy and firm and it requires no prescription. Start using Revitol for your stretch marks and see the difference, you also get 2 free bottles if you purchase the 6 bottle package and it comes with a money back guarantee.


ellen_heartbeats said...

hello liza...I should have one...
hahahaha...Have a nice weekdays!

Emmyrose said...

goodness, that doesn't look pretty :)

Have a nice week ahead!

Martin Johns said...

There are a lot of these products out there, and I am not sure if they work. At NutritionalTree, they tested several with very modest results.

john said...

Yeah! Losing and gaining weight fast and pregnancy are the main reasons why we havestretch marks . Revitol Stretch Mark Cream is the answer to all strech mark problems. I recommend every pregnant mum should use this product.

seaprincess72 said...

ugly as they seem, strech marks are a morther's trophy. i wish id known about this cream before. i applied lots of palmer's cream and the results were not bad.

anyways, i think you have a great thing here. love reading your entries. keep it up!

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