Awards Galore 2

This blog has been showered with lots of beautiful awards from beautiful friends. Here they are....

Thank you so much Max for giving me with such wonderful awards. I'm sharing these awards with Amel, Nancy and Zhoe Wynz.

The cool cat award came from Navin and Vivek. Thanks, you're both so cool. ;) I'm passing it on to Lisa, and Virgie.

The best blogger award came from Nancy. Thanks sis I am so honored. I'd love to share this with asawakomahalko, Max and Melai.

I got 2 more awards from asawakomahalko. I am loving blogging so much because of these lovely awards. I am sharing these awards with Gigi and Pinay Mommy Online.

And lastly, my sweet, sweet friend Zhoe Wynz gave me 5 awards. I share these awards with my new blogger friends: Abby, Beth, Lilla, Jackie, Navin, Viky and Vivek.


manilenya said...

thanks for the award ate liza :)

Max said...

Hi Liza,

COngratulations for all your awards, dear; you sure deserve them :D!

Thank you so much for granting me an award: that is pure love *bowing*! Thanks :D!


Hiro said...

So many awards!

Congratulations! :)

AbBy said...

thank you so much! hakot me the awards! hehehe

HonEy BunnY said...

thanks liza for your sweet tags he he ...!!

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