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Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Kid in a Costume Tag

Geng tagged me on this. The photo was taken February of 2004 during my son's Family Day activity in school. They did an Ifugao flower dance and won the contest. The costume was a simple black shirt and shorts with "bahag" ( a loin strip worn by the Ifugaos). I don't remember exactly how much I paid for it but it wasn't much.

My Kid Is In A Costume Tag

  1. Look for a picture of your child/ren wearing any costumes. For example: a cartoon character, a character from a popular movie or program, animals, flowers, national/country costume, etc.
  2. Share with us a brief story behind the picture.
  3. Tell us where you got the costume and for how much.
  4. Pass it on to people you like.
Tagging JulianaRW, Arlene and Ellen.


Bravespirit... said...

Thanks for doing the tag right away! That's a nice costume. See you!

ellen said...

okay sis..salamat sa tag...gawin ko to agad...I will let you know pag tapos na ...happy weekend...

blurem23 said...

great mom.. more power!

chynx said...

the kid's so cute...

job said...

it is almost 4 years now since the photo was taken. how is your son responding when he looks at this photo? :)

priscocam said...

i like the outfit!Thanks for sharing it.

gheian said...

mommy liz, just got ur msg in my blog but i think you accidentally linked Geng in my blog. Just for correction po. anyway i love ur blog. Trying to catch up new tips to learn. thanks.

Juliana RW said...

Hi Liza, i just back :D i will do this tag later, when i finish i will let you know.

thanks for visiting my blog when i was on vacation, still visit my blog to see more vacation photos :D see you around

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