Chocolates III

Chocolates, as I've mentioned in my previous posts, has so many benefits, in fact, this is the 3rd time I am writing about it. When you give your kids chocolate treats, you no longer have to feel guilty about it. The potent ingredients in chocolates have the ability to boost their moods and safeguard their cellular development. The yummy treat can go a long way for their health.

Cocoa powder eases tummy troubles or constipation. Studies show that cocoa-husk fiber supplements offer fast relief from stomach distress. The fiber-rich husk supplement is a natural laxative, plus, the cocoa has a sweet flavor that kids really love. So when your kid strains, it is best to discuss the supplement with your doctor or try giving him/her raw cocoa powder by mixing it with ice cream or milk.

Dark chocolate guard against sickness and stress. The antioxidants in this chocolate shield cells and body chemicals against free radicals. It also activates the seratonin to boost the mood to ward off anxiety and depression. I know the kids prefer the taste of milk chocolate to dark chocolate's bitter taste, but you can serve it in disguise by mixing it in hot cocoa or baked goods.

Chocolate milk prevents injuries. Give chocolate milk to your athletic kids instead of sports drinks. The yummy drink can decrease injury risk during activity. The glucose and protein fuel muscles to increase their stamina and performance, and because it's easy to digest, it means the benefits begins within minutes.


nona said...

uy timing! I'm eating chocolate :)
My son plays basketball all the time at kailangan niya ng lakas, so tamang tama ang chocolates for him. Thanks sister! :)

BK said...

Hi, is there any particular kind of chocolate that we should be getting for children or it can be any types that are found in the supermarket?

SheR. said...

And chocolates make you happy without the need for drugs!!! :D
I love chocolates. And it is the most versatile ingredient for confectionery. When you are hosting a dinner party and not sure what to make for desserts, I suggest anything chocolate. Not everyone will love it but I know none will hate it!
Besides not a lot of people are allergic to chocolates.. Heaven food!

aor said...

What I like the most is when I dawdled a piece of chocolate over my tongue with my tastebuds. It's so delightful, swallowing its fluid bit by bit...

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