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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Green, Red & Purple

Did you know that the colors bright green, red and purple can help you remember things? I have read that writing down important notes and appointments using these bright colors will ensure nothing slips your mind. I don't know what are in these colors that help you not to forget things but they are 60% easier to remember according to research.


Princess of CJ said...

i used to buy pens in different colors. pastel even. and i didn't knew about this yet. :)

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Juliana RW said...

Hi Liza,

I am tagging you, Time Capsule tag

nona said...

I'll try this sis, good tip. :)

Maya said...

perhaps that one reason we are asked to put some gel marker on some important info.

Hot Momma said...

maybe i will try this tip. thanks for sharing!

I am also a Pinay but base here in the UK. You might want to drop by my sites. thanks!

thanks and good day!

girlforallstatus said...

well, that's probably the reason why barney is purple. just look how many kids go crazy over barney.

I have a tag for you. Just grab it when you can...

Imelda said...

Hi liz, i am here again. I am with u that green, red and purple helps one remember impt. points.

Raft3R said...

green is my favorite color
most of my stuff are green
my mind is too

Raquel said...

Hi Liza, meron ka rin bang pauy2blog account? I mean itong moms...check you, naka pau2 ba to? Meron kase silang warning na pag meron daw socialspark ads (pop up) ay i-calcel nila ang account.

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