The sweet fluid derived from the nectar of flowers called honey can help wounds to heal better than antibiotics. I'm sure many of you have heard this old household remedy. Honey has antibacterial properties which work like hydrogen peroxide and acts as an antiseptic. The delicious fluid does not only act as a healer but it also reduces inflammation and helps fight germs. Unlike other topical antiseptics, honey causes no tissue damage and no pain when dressings are changed because it prevents the wound from sticking to the dressing.

The next time someone in the family gets wounded, apply honey instead. Simply wash and clean the wound, apply honey to affected area and cover with a dry dressing. The honey will act as a barrier and prevent the wound from getting infected.


Prily said...

And honey i think will never spoil.How useful it is.Thanks again for the insight,lovely Liz!

Anonymous said...

wow.. thanks for the tips :) i also use honey after bath to moist my skin.. but i think you already knew that :)

Borski said...

Indeed, even our ancestors used honey as a medicine. When I have cough and sore throat, I mix a teaspoon of honey into a glass of lemon juice. Unfortunately, here in Dumaguete, pure honey is scarce. Thank you for hopping by DHT. :-)

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