I signed up for Social Spark

Blogging has been part of my daily routine since I started six months ago. With blogging, I find time for myself and I get to express how I feel. Aside from meeting a lot of friends , blogging for me is like a learning process. It's fun and I learn new things everyday. And the best part of it is I get to earn too while having fun.

Just a few weeks ago I had an invite from SocialSpark, a new advertising network with a twist and I signed up immediately. I say with a twist because it is not like any other ad network. At social spark you get to interact with other bloggers and advertisers, too. You get to meet new friends and add them to your list. You also get to view other bloggers who have taken the same opportunity as yours. Your friends, other social carders and the advertisers can give you opps [these are positive votes] or drops [negative votes] so you will have a better idea if you did well on an opportunity or not. You may also vote for them in the same way.

This ad network is google friendly too because each link in social spark automatically carries the "no-follow" attribute. Social spark is so cool! It is just like friendster and pay per post all rolled into one. So friends... sign up with social spark now and earn while having fun, I would be happy to add you in my friends list.


Metroknow said...

I've also signed up with Social Spark, but I haven't quite figured out what exactly it is that I'm supposed to do...I haven't focused on it yet, but it wasn't immediately obvious.

What is your experience with it so far? Have you made any money yet?

Thanks and best to you,

Metroknow said...

Sorry - forgot to subscribe to the comments, so I'm doing so now ... :)

Juliana RW said...

how long you wait to write this assignment, Liza???

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