The Juice

If you think drinking store-bought instant juice boxes or powdered ones is just like poking a straw into a freshly picked fruit, think again. Fresh fruit juices give you a healthy dose of fiber and vitamins that are not always found in the boxed and powdered versions. Plus, these convenient and instant drinks are very high in calories, most of them sugar.


Monday Morning Power said...

Fresh Squeezed!!

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stev & emz said...

uu nga e. much better kumain ng fresh fruits lalo na oranges and banana. gives vitamin C and potassium. =)

Anonymous said...

That's right Liza. We do refrain from serving instant juices and soft drinks at home, but kids can easily get these in school!

irish said...

yes, we need fresh fruits..:) specially in this highly commercial world where everything is instant.
please don't forget to visit my site guys, - its worth your time

ED said...

Yes...My family loves juices as well..wish they could be cheaper though..
tks 4 dropping by at my blog.


WhoIsMarc? said...

thanks for this about po yung mga "fresh 100 % juice" daw na you can buy from the stores?is it bad to your health as well?dami parin ba sugar yun?kasi ako i often buy it everyday and after reading your post,im having 2nd thoughts if it's still health or not.

thanks again.take care :D

Max said...

Hey Liza,

Absolutely!!! I only drink squeezed fruit juice; cause the others are full of antibiotics, sugar and conservatives...hell no!!! I even make my own milkshakes (with fruit and orange juice)!

This is a great advice, Liza!!!

I wish you a great week ahead, darling!


Princess of CJ said...

not to mention the preservatives, sis. i tried giving my little boy tetra juice but i found he was hyper whenever he had some, so i stopped.

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