The Time Capsule

Juliana RW tagged me on this.

~Start Copy ~

According to Free dictionary :
* The Time Capsule is a container for preserving historical records to be discovered at some future time.
* A Time Capsule is a historic cache of goods and/or information, usually intended as a method of communication with people in the future.

How to play "Time Capsule" :
1. Copy from "~Start Copy~" until "~End Copy~".
2. Post at your site(s) about "What you would like to put in your Time Capsule & Why" --> something that has a special value in your life or something that will remember you as a person.
3. Feel free to help me spread this Time Capsule by putting the "Time Capsule badge" at your sidebar blog and please tag as many friends as you can. You can get the code in here
4. When you are finished posting, you can leave your url post & your blog name at with the subject "Time Capsule". And I will post your url on Master List.

I would like to encapsulate the photo of my two loving kids. It makes me a proud mommy that I am not only raising 2 beautiful children but I'm raising them as good children of God.

Tagging Babette, Maya, Arlene, Beth, Nyumix, Nisha, Sweetiepie, Filipino In Canada, Napaboaniya and Maiylah.


maiylah said...

thanks sa tag, sis! will do this soon! :)
sleep muna ako .... lol.

nisha said...

Thank you so much for dropping by and for the tag :) i will do it soon..

Your kids are so adorable.. and your family is really blessed:)

May god keep you all in his loving care, always:)

Picturing of Life said...

Hi Liza,

You have wonderful children :D Thanks you want play with me, I really appreciate it. Hope many people want to join with us play this Time Capsule :D

Btw, I added to master list.

Thanks again.

Maya said...

sorry now ko lang nakita. i was working in the garden. i'll do this tonight.promise hindi na tatagal ng mga ilang araw.
thank, have beautiful kids and i have no doubt that they are beaautiful inside too, like the mom.

Babette said...

Hi sis, thanks for the tag. It's nice to see a photo of your beautiful kids. :)
Definitely Maybe!
Not Just Another Blog...

Napaboaniya said...

Hi Liza,
Thanks for this tag, I've done it.
Happy Weekend!

maiylah said...

ako ulit sis! :D
done na with the tag!

happy weekend! :)

sasha said...

Ay ang pretty at guapo naman pala ng mga kids niyo, tita! Mana sa parents! :D

Happy weekend, tita! Pasensya na po at bihira makabloghop.

filipinoincanada said...

hi liza, you have such beautiful kids. thanks for the tag. will definitely do it after the weekend. i'll let you know when i've posted it. :)

arlene said...

hey liz! thanks for the tag..u got cute kids! did the tag, sorry i was late doing it.

nyumix said...

I've done this too,Sista...

Filipino in Canada said...

finally done with the tag. sorry for the delay :)

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