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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Are You an Impulse Shopper?

Sometimes, when we need to buy just a few items from the grocery we end up buying more. Even a quick trip to the supermarket to stock up on toothpaste and milk often include a detour down the aisle just to browse and see what's new. Those items we often see "on sale" with such incredibly cheap prices are so tempting and it means it's fairly fine to snag them even if we don't really need them.

To avoid buying those "extras" it will be wiser to make a list of the things you only need before you do any shopping expedition. Estimate a reasonable total of the things you're going to buy and bring just that amount when you go. Leave your credit cards at home if possible. Your first line of defense to save more is to eliminate all the tools that will allow you to overspend. It may be difficult but you should train yourself to think really hard about any off the list purchases. Ask yourself if you really need it. Even if the answer is "yes" don't put it in your shopping cart yet. Get the things on your list first. This simple act can help you resist the temptation of buying on impulse. At times like this, we, mommies should learn to manage our finances well.


easydiet said...

I think all of us are guilty of being impulse buyers at one point or another, but there has to be a certain limit to it. We have to be careful not to overdo it, or we might just end up losing control over our finances.

{girl}forallstatus said...

Timely post. I just got back from the grocery and I realized I bought unnecessary things. Next time, I should really make a list.

By the way, would you like to join my project? Nothing serious. This is just for fun. Some may even call it a tag but this one is more personal. I will publish it on my blog with the whole pics and accompanying write-up. I plan to do this monthly with a different topic for each month. Here's the link and hope you join.

Maya said...

I'm striving to follow my list, Liz. but i'm ashame to admit that i can't stick to it.

herpes said...

I'm quite an impulsive buyer. The internet isn't helping much either. With ebay and forums selling at the convience of your home, how not to be one?

monaco said...

Guilty as charged! He he. My closet is filled with countless items from my impulsive shopping days. However, since losing my job a couple of years ago, I have learned to conquer (gradually) this.

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

hay, i have a hard time resisting to hoard. lol.
tagged you:

space code said...

Im such an impulse shopper. Last mth I had some extra money, then I somehow manage to blow it all away on online shopping. And thats like RM400 bucks in less than a week.

spandex said...

I will limit the cash I bring and leave all the credit/debit card at home. Then when I want to buy a thing , I will remind myself that I didn't bring that much of money and maybe next time. But sometimes my friend will say I am stingy

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