The Best Brands

I have been blogging for about seven months, and I have to admit I would have not lasted this long if I didn't have fun doing it. Through this blog, I was able to write things about me, my interests and even shared some of my thoughts and ideas. The past seven months were very rewarding. I gained lots of friends and even had monetary rewards through writing paid ads.

I have written ads about web sites, movies, jewelries, furnitures and some popular brand names like Hugo Boss, Nokia, and Bvlgari. But it would be more fun for pro bloggers like me to see more popular brands advertising on our web sites. Brands like Nike, Rolex, Adidas, Gucci, Sony, Tommy Hilfiger, Apple, Dell, HP, Louis Vuitton, and Guess. I am a foodie and I would also like to see some food products advertised here. is so brilliant to encourage their bloggers to write about what kind of advertisers they would like to see on their blogs. They are also opening new venues for these companies to reach out and expand their captive markets. Social Spark has indeed come up with a great idea of bringing advertisers and bloggers in creating a huge marketing network.


Jena Isle said...

Hi, your site is cool, can you recommend some ads that really pay? Thanks.

Max said...


I agree with you: I think that more brand (worldwide known ones) should use blogs to make their ads (it is a great idea)!!
Let's wait and see when they'll include this type of marketing move into their budgets!


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