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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blogs as easy as 1-2-3

Are you thinking of creating a new blog? I found a very interesting site where you can create your own blog for free and you can share your thoughts and some useful informations with your friends, family and to other people on the internet. It is a community where real discussions take place and share your honest opinions. What makes it really different from other blog sites, here at you get to interact with other community members. With other Blogs, you are left on your own after you have created your blog. It will be up for you to sign up at different blog directories so other bloggers will notice your blog. In this community, you will have an instant audience once you have started posting your articles. They have developed a system so that anyone can participate. Your articles will be displayed through the site and the community can easily find them, creating interesting conversations on real issues.
You don’t need to have html knowledge to create a blog. have made it as simple as possible, with very easy to use features. They will also allow you to to upload and organize photos and videos, rate other member’s posts. They have forums and they provide you with the latest news from around the world. Now, if you are ready to create your blog, click on the link and follow the simple steps. See you there.


Lou said...

Hi Liz, thanks for sharing this one. Have a nice weekend!

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traveler said...

looks like a nice guide imma tell my little sis that is new to bloggin to visit it rather than buggin me lol

Bradvera said...

Thanks alot for the recommendation. Although you mentioned that one dont need to learn HTMl to start a blog, i must say, they should learn because it'll really help in advancing their sites :).

Cartier said...

Many of us do wants to have a blog. But they always have a problem of what to write about. This gives a good tips on starting a blog.

loans said...

thx for sharing, will tr the new site for blogging...

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