Rugged and Classy

Whenever I buy pants for my hubby, he always requests me to buy him Dockers. Those pants are so durable, they last for years. His famous line for Dockers, " rugged yet classy". If you love Dockers too and have an interesting story to tell, it's your time to shine now. Your favorite pants is holding a contest!

How would you like to see your very own commercial at Tonight Show on NBC? If you're a legal resident of US, 18 years or older, you are eligible to enter the Dockers contest. Just create your own 30-second video telling your own Dockers story. The video has to be your own style, creative, modern, and as my husband says, rugged and classy. You must also highlight the Dockers brand. The contest started April 29 and will end on June 06, 2008. But please note that submission of entries will only be until May 29. There will be only one grand prize winner and the winning entry will be aired on Jay Leno's show on its June 13, 2008 broadcast.

Start visualizing your dockers video now and check on the link for more information.


**Billyboxergirl said...

hi po.....happy mothers day po sayo!

karab said...

Have you seen some of the latest submissions for the Dockers contest? This one is hilarious.

Mica said...

Hi! I would just like to thank you for your post re: Social Spark. Napasali tuloy ako.

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