Social Spark is Live!

Are you looking for ways to earn extra income? Social Spark is live!

Just a few weeks ago I had an invite from SocialSpark, it's a new advertising network and I signed up immediately. I have made several posts for them already and I must admit that I'm really having a great time. And Just recently, Social Spark has gone live! At social spark you get to interact with other bloggers and advertisers, too. You get to meet new friends and add them to your list. You also get to view other bloggers who have taken the same opportunity as yours. Your friends, other social carders and the advertisers can give you opps or drops so you will have a better idea if you did well on an opportunity or not. You may also vote for them in the same way. What I like so much about them is, you can be friends with the advertisers.

This ad network is google friendly too because each link in social spark automatically carries the "no-follow" attribute. Social spark is so cool! It is just like friendster and pay per post all rolled into one. So friends... sign up with social spark now and earn while having fun, I would be happy to add you in my friends list.


Crissy said...

hi...I joined social sparks recently. i think it's a good social networking and lots of opportunities there as well. c",)

Mica said...

Thanks for the info.

Doc SEO said...

Social Sparks is one of the good advertising way for us. I also use their ads. Easy to set up and maintain.

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