Supercharge Your Kids

Your kids spend at least 8 hours in school everyday and they are usually tired when they get home. Getting them to focus on their homework is a tough job. Experts advice to give them meals/snacks that will give them a boost. Here are the yummy bites they suggest that will help our kids optimize everyday mental function.

Give them BEEF for brainpower. The red meat is packed with vitamin B12 which can help boost attentiveness, concentration and memory scores.

Before Starting on their homework, give your kids a MILK CHOCOLATE. Munching on this yummy snack can heighten alertness within 15 minutes. The milk chocolate is rich in compounds that boost blood flow to the frontal lobes of the brain by 50%.

A bowl of OATMEAL at breakfast can supercharge their concentration by 20%. The antioxidants in oatmeal protect braincells from toxins, keeping them more focused.

LEMONADE sharpens their memory. Studies show that students who sipped this beverage before studying a list of words remembered 50% than kids who skipped the drink. The vitamin C slashes the level of stress hormone. It prevents stunting the cell activity in the brain's memory center leading to faster recall. Make sure to fill their thermos with lemonade especially during exam days.

Here in the Philippines, school will start next month, so pinay mommies I encourage you to take a note on this list so you won't have problems with your kids when it's time to do their homeworks.

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