Wash Twice

As mommies, we always remind our kids to wash their hands properly. Some new studies reveal that the best way to outsmart germs is to wash hands TWICE. A single washing removes less than 30% of bacteria. A second round of scrubbing and sudsing slashes bacteria levels by 92%. So moms..... let's teach our kids to wash their hands twice to shield them from illnesses caused by germs.


lira said...

totoo nga..sanayin ang mga inakay para iwas sakit.

tasteful voyage
a mom's note

Tina said...

I taught my 3 year old to wash his hands everytime he goes to toilet, to the point where whenever he goes upstairs wants to go to the bathroom to wash his hands. drives me mad lol!


Good idea! I just need to come my kids hands out of everything too. Thanks

Max said...

Hey Liza,

How are you, darling? I gather you had a wonderful weekend!

I came to tell you that the meme will come out tomorrow, ok? Didn't have much time today!

See ya!

Dette said...

That is a GREAT idea - we should've started this habit early...!

lol - thanks for sharing! :)

Vincent Bautista said...

why didn't I think of this? Great advice! ^_^

Belen said...

noong todler pa mga anak ko..., PARA SIGURADONG MAMATAY ANG MGA MICROORGANISMS , I let them sing the "Happy Birthday Song" habang nagsasabon ng kamay. Kailangan kantahin nila ng buo, at hwag mabilis ang pagkanta. tsaka sila magrinse with water pag tapos ang buong kanta... Ok lang sila .. nag enjoy pa nga sila sa paghuhugas eh. nagtatawanan silang magkapatid habang naghuhugas ng kamay na kumakanta ng birthday song. Kanta pa nga nila...Happy birtday bacteria he.he.he. .

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