Why not Silk?

My son has hay fever and every morning when he wakes up he sneezes, has runny nose and itchy eyes. Sometimes, it's not only upon waking up. When he is out of the house he will just start sneezing when he smells or inhales something. They say hay fever is caused by pollens of some plants, dust particles and air chemicals. So I always make sure that all my plants are outside the house.

Plants and flowers really make a home attractive but because of my son's hay fever, I can't even put fresh flowers in the living room and my altar. I was never fond of artificial or plastic plants and flowers as they only accumulate more dust. It was only when my friend introduced me to silk plants. Hmmm... why not? Faux plants and trees do not attract insects and do not have pollen particles. Plus, I don't need to water them and spray some pesticides. [My mom's friend died of cancer due pesticides. ] Silk plants remain in shape and retain their colors for a long, long time. They're very low maintenance plus the fact that I am helping the government save our environment. No trees are cut.

Enough said, I'm gonna check Artificialplantsandtrees.com now and shop for some silk plants.

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Max said...

Hey Liza,

I confess that I had never heard of silk flowers!! So I was surprised to read about them!

I am so sorry about your kid, darling; but those things happen (my brother has the same issue) *nodding*.

I hope you had a great weekend :D!
I noticed that you didn't come by to read the sequel of the short story, so here's the link for you to read whenever you have the time ;)

I wish you a great week ahead!


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