Less Trash, More Green

There is more to greening our lives than just separating plastic and paper to our garbage. Recycling is great but making garbage into useful items is really something else. Here are some going green tips to help us save the environment and energy.

Return to sender. Saying no to unwanted catalogs by removing your name from thousands of retailers' lists can help save 53 million trees a year.

Talking trash. Reuse what you already have to avoid throwing too much trash. It's similar to recycling but without the cost. A good example is converting soup cans or instant noodle plastic cups into organizers for pens, pencils and make-up brushes. Instead of throwing away cardboard tissue tubes, use them to hold unused or left-over gift wrappers.

A full refrigerator works more efficiently because less cold air escapes when the door opens. Move your frequently used items to the front and pack the empty spaces at the back with jugs of water.

Another man's garbage is another man's treasure. Instead of throwing some things you don't need anymore or just because they're old do not mean they can't be used by another. Hand it over to someone who is willing to take it off your hands.


Jean9 said...

I am so happy to see so many people talking more and more about going green. Its so important that we all do our part.


Brilliant post! I am going to do the refrigerator one for sure!!! I just love your ideas!

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