Not Bad After All

The things that our kids usually do when school vacation is in full swing are hardly a cause of concern. Based on some studies, activities like staying up late, playing video/computer games for hours, cellphone texting and listening to ipods may not be ideal during regular school days but our kids can actually benefit from them during school vacations.

Surprised? I am too. My son would stay up too late playing games on his play station and this worries me a lot. When I stumbled upon this article, I had a sigh of relief. I was glad to know that the "bad habit" can actually do him good.

According to the article, the extra shut eye they get in the morning from sleeping late increases the body's antibody production, boosting a child's immunity by 50%. Plus, extended slumber help ward off cravings and cut junk food consumption by stabilizing the blood sugar.

You should not take it personally when your kid dons his earphones at the dinner table. He is not shutting you out. Kids who listened to 30 minutes of music daily produced 25% less of the stress hormone cortisol and leaves the kids feeling happier.

Studies show that kids who played video games for an hour every day improved their vision by 20%. The action-packed games push the body's visual system to its limits, and a child's developing brain quickly adapts.

Most of the kids now has his own cellphone. This could sometimes be very irritating to us parents. But studies show that kids who connect with friends through texting have a lower risk of feeling depressed. This past time strengthens social bonds thus, increasing production of the feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin.

Although these four habits may bring benefits to our kids, keep in mind that you also have to set limits. Everything in excess is not good.


Anonymous said...

I also have kids who stay in their video games and ipods for hours on end. Although I am making them cut down on, it's good to know that maybe it's okay during summer vacation.

Liz said...

Great information and I agree my boys are in college and I remember them doing more than one thing at once plus listing to music.

maggie said...

wow, i didn't know that, thanks for the info.

now, i don't feel so bad, letting my son play video games. *grins*

Winston said...

It would appear that you are correct in your assessment. This article also agrees with your assessment

But then again, too much of everything is bad. You must teach your child discipline.

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